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Making Halloween Candles for Free: Pumpkin

Making candles at home using food containers is one of the simplest and most fun methods of candle making. Since candles are synonymous with Halloween, I had a go at creating a pumpkin-themed candle using the minimum of candle making equipment.

Ingredients (per candle)

  • A Dole fruit pot – cleaned and dried
  • 100g blended paraffin wax (or 100g of old, remelted, candles)
  • A little LX10 wick (ok, you’re going to have to buy some but it’s very cheap)
  • 2g orange dye (or orange food colouring)
  • 2ml candle scent (or essential oils)
  • A wick pin or long matchstick
  • A little blutack


  1. Drill a small hole in the end of the pot: I used a 3mm drill bit
  2. Pass the wick through the hold and plug the hole with blutack to prevent the wax pouring through
  3. Turn the pot over onto its base and place the wick pin or matchstick centrally across it
  4. Pull the wick over the matchstick, centrally and fairly tight, and secure it to the side of the pot with blutack
  5. The end result should be of a straight wick coming out of the hole, across the centre of the matchstick and then secured to the outside
  6. Put the assembled mould on some old newspaper or similar to protect your work surface
  7. Heat your wax by placing an old saucepan inside another one. The outer saucepan should be about a third full of water. Put it on the heat and place the wax in the inner saucepan until it melts. Note, these saucepans must never be used for food afterwards
  8. Once it’s melted, add your dye and stir
  9. Once the colour has spread, add your scent: do this last so that it doesn’t evaporate
  10. Pour carefully into the mould- fill to just below the matchstick

Now, leave the mould somewhere where it won’t be disturbed until it has set (at least 2 hours). Once it’s set, transfer to the fridge, preferably overnight. To remove it from the mould, take the matchstick away, turn the pot upside down and shake it or knock it carefully against your palm. Do not pull the wick as it’ll just come out in your hand! You should find it comes away easily having been in the fridge.

And that’s it! Feel free to decorate your candle or simply burn it as it is!

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