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Experimenting with Beeswax Candles – straight from the Bee!

I’m a newcomer to candle-making and Peta thought others might be interested to hear my story!  So here goes!

I fell into this almost accidentally when my husband recently started beekeeping and he began presenting me with beeswax as a byproduct of extracting the honey!  So I thought ‘beeswax candles and honey – that’s Christmas presents sorted for this year’!

Backtracking slightly, when I say my husband is ‘presenting me with beeswax’, don’t imagine the nice clean ‘beads’ you can buy.  My wax comes in a big, dirty lump!

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Advent Candles: the Countdown begins!

We’ve been planning to create an advent candle kit for the run-up to Christmas and so we’ve been researching the best possible materials to ensure consistent, quality results as easily as possible.

The first step was to source some high quality taper candle moulds. Taper candles can be created in two ways: the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is by repeatedly dipping a wick into a vat of wax until it builds up that characteristic shape. The easy way is to use a mould. Needless to say, therefore, our kit will contain a mould.

We’ve found a supplier and a case of moulds is now on its way to us. We spent a lot of time working with the sample and making sure that we had worked out the best way to prepare and fill the mould and, equally important, how to get the candle out of the mould easily.

The final step was to add the numbers to the candle which, as you can see in the picture, results in a completely authentic, hand made advent candle that makes a lovely alternative to the chocolate/cardboard advent calendars!

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the kit contents – the kits will allow you to make multiple candles but it’s a bit early yet to release them. Rest assured, if you’re on our mailing list you’ll be the first to know and you’ll also receive a bonus of some sort (a discount, a free gift or extra materials) – details of which we’re working on.

If you’re not already on our list, then use the form opposite to sign up. You get an immediate discount from any order and a coupon for a free container candle kit.

I now promise to shut up about Christmas for at least a few weeks!


Making Beeswax candles for kids

We’ve had a successful first test of candles made from sheets of beeswax. It’s certainly a very easy way for kids to make a nice gift and to keep them occupied over weekends or school holidays.

We’re currently sorting out the suppliers and precise makeup of our MakingYourOwnCandles kit for kids but it’ll certainly be up and available before Easter.

Pillar Candle Experiment #1

We’ve been experimenting with a pillar candle mould in response to those customers who’ve asked for a greater variety of candle sizes and types in our kits. As you can see, our first candle is burning away successfully. This confirms that our choice of wick was the correct one and that we guessed the dye quantity right. However, turn it upside down and you’d see a cylinder shape where we didn’t have quite enough wax for the final pouring.

As always, we’re insisting on high quality metal moulds that will last and last and we’re currently negotiating with suppliers before putting together a kit – once, of course, we get the mixture exactly right.

Experimenting with moulds

We have finally found what we think is a worthwhile mould for pillar candles. The mould is made from metal, just like our votive moulds, but is, of course, bigger. You also make the candle upside down, by pushing the wick through a hold in the bottom, sealing it up and pouring in the wax. At least, that’s the theory! We’ll be experimenting with waxes, dyes and scents to get the mix just right.
If you have any requests for colours/scents, let us know by commenting on this entry.

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