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Making a Big Pillar Candle using a Pringles Tube

Last month we used a “health salts” container (so very middle aged!) to make a lovely chunky candle and decorated it with applique stars. We’re really keen on recycling household objects to use for candle making so the next step was, naturally enough, to step up to a Pringles tube. For ages, we’ve been looking for a way for you to create big candles to use, for example, as table decorations, without having to spend £20 on a mould so I spent a happy afternoon in the lab working out whether Pringles really are the answer.

Rather than just create a single colour candle, I wanted to make one with a graded colour that went from lighter at the top to darker at the bottom as you can see in the photo. In fact, I’d have liked a bigger contrast so, next time I’ll do things a little differently.

Here’s what I used:

…along with the usual double boiler setup
This made a candle 7 inches tall (17.5cm) – so a good rule of thumb for these containers is 100g wax + 1g dye per inch of height

Video from the labs

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