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How to choose the right candle making kit

MakingYourOwnCandles offers a range of candle making kits – how do you choose which one to buy?

Here are a few questions that might help you decide:

1: Do you want a great general introduction to candle making?

If so, our Professional Candle Making kits are a good choice. With these kits you can make 10 “votive” sized candles with a 15 hour burn time. What’s a “votive” – it’s a candle often used in churches (hence the name), somewhat similar to 4-5 tealights stacked on top of each other. Looked at another way, they’re like mini-pillar candles. By using a Pro kit, you get 10 scented, coloured candles and you get to develop your skills using moulds.

Alternatively, our Flower Tart Candle Making Kit allows you to make 25 delightful flower shaped candles.


2: Are you interested in making container candles?

We have a range of container candle making kits: including mini jam-jars, plain glass and “supply your own” kits where you can use any heat-proof and non-flammable container. Container candles are a little simpler than moulded candles and the containers can be reused. Container candles can include scent and dye.

3: Do you want to make LOTS of candles? Do you want to make them for the lowest possible cost per candle?

Our bulk candle making kits have proven extremely popular since we introduced them in 2010. These kits allow you to make up to 40 container candles either using the glass containers we supply or you can provide your own. Tea cups, mugs, jars and tins make excellent containers and all our kits contain complete instructions.

4: Do you want the easiest to make candles? Kid safe?

Then choose our Beeswax candle kit. This kit includes pure beeswax sheets made in the UK which you simply roll up tightly around a wick and decorate.

5: Do you want to make Pillar Candles?

We have an easy to use pillar candle kit that creates candles that are 4 inches wide by 6 inches high. The kit uses eco-soya wax which gives a lovely lustrous finish and burns beautifully. Perfect for the mantelpiece.

6: Do you want to treat yourself or someone else?

Our Deluxe Candle Making Kits are the ultimate candle making experience. They include everything from the professional kit plus extra bits and pieces including a thermometer, extra scent and dye and containers. It doesn’t get better than that!

7: How about experimenting?

We have a range of projects you can try, from child-friendly hair dryer candle making (!) to wax applique techniques – the ingredients are listed in each project. If you want to make a candle using a home made mould, or by pouring into your own containers, you’ll find everything you need at


The SUMMER SALE is now on: 20% Off!

Well, it’s chucking down outside to it must be time for the MakingYourOwnCandles Summer Sale! From now until stocks run out, you can save 20% on a range of warm, summer themed kits. The discount applies to all items you see with this sticker:

To get your discount, all you have to do is enter the coupon code SUMMERSALE at the MakingYourOwnCandles checkout. Read more ›

Summer Bundle Offer: Only a Few Days to go!

Our summer bundle has proven incredibly popular but it ends on Friday 6th August so it’s time to order if you want to be able to make 20 candles in the following popular summer scents at a big discount:

  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

The Summer Bundle includes a Professional Candle Making kit which contains metal moulds, dye, scent, blended paraffin wax, beeswax, wick, tabs, wickpins – in fact everything you need to make 10 coloured and scented 15 hour candles. In the Summer Bundle you also get a refill kit that enables you to make a further 10 scented and coloured candles for under £1 per candle!

Click here to take a look and remember to get your order in by Friday 6th!

Summer Holiday Special Edition Deluxe

School’s out for the Summer!

For some of us that means 6 or 7 weeks of trying to find entertaining things to do with our children during the holidays.

Last year we were living in Milton Keynes, far far away from the beach. Or so you might think! Milton Keynes council had a truck load of sand delivered to the Square in the shopping centre and we spent many a happy hour digging (only about 15cm down before you hit the floor though!) and burying our feet. No need for sun cream there.

Now we have relocated to the south coast and have a wider choice of sandy places to play at, also known as beaches! Sun cream essential as the weather has been so good recently!

This has inspired our new Special Edition Deluxe kit ‘Beaches and Cream’, which contains a sunny yellow dye and a lovely sea blue one. The scents are Vanilla and Ocean Spray, guaranteed to make you think of the beach. This kit comes at a discounted price for the School Holiday. It is not completely child friendly, as the melting of wax is involved, but this is an ideal kit to pass some time during the holidays making candles with your children.

Professional Kit + Refill Summer Bundle Offer

We’re delighted to offer a special summer bundle. Starting today, you can buy a bundle of a Professional Candle Making Kit and a Refill Kit for a 20% discount on the individual item price. This means you can make 20 candles in any of four flavours with a single kit at a cost of 92p each!!

You can see the kit here:

But hurry: this is a limited time offer!

And if you’re a member of our Facebook group, we will throw a special free gift into every order placed in June of £13 or more!

Free Refill Offer Extended Till 7th May

During April, we were offering a free refill kit (worth £8.99) with every Deluxe Kit order. This has proved so popular that we’ve extended it for one week. The offer will now expire on the 7th May! The refill kit allows you to double the number of candles you can make with the kit – representing outstanding value and lots of customers have taken us up on the offer.

So, if you want to be able to make 20 candles in up to 4 colour/scent combinations, don’t miss the opportunity!

Get a Free Refill and 10% Off the New Pro Kit Flavours

This April, we’re offering a FREE refill kit with all Deluxe Candlemaking Kits. This way, you get to make 20 candles in three flavours! To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is buy a Deluxe Candlemaking kit during April and then let us know during the ordering process which flavour Refill you’d like and we’ll pop it in the box free of charge!

We’re also celebrating the launch of our three new Professional Candle Making Kit flavours by offering a 10% discount on our gorgeous chocolate, charming cherry and everyone’s favourite vanilla kits. To get the discount, simply add one or more of these kits to your basket and use coupon code Y9D6Y8NS5E.

Hurry, you need to buy before the end of April to get the discount!

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