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Wimbledon Special Edition: Strawberries and Cream

It’s that time of year again and, at least for now, the weather’s MARVELLOUS! To celebrate, we at MakingYourOwnCandles are launching a special edition of our Deluxe Candle Making Kit called Strawberries and Cream!

ThisĀ special edition: Strawberries and Cream includes a strawberry red dye with strawberry scent and a cream dye and vanilla scent. This means you can make strawberry candles, cream candles or mixes of both – it’s up to you!!

…and the price has been reduced just for the duration of the Championships so order now!

Our Deluxe Kits come with 2 dyes and 2 scents so you can make 2 types of candle from one kit or even mix them up to make unique combinations. In this Strawberries and Cream edition we’re bringing summer into your living room and the price is being kept low until we know who the champions are. If Andy Murray wins, we’ll keep the price this low but otherwise you need to order before the end of Wimbledon to secure your discount.

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