How to calculate how much wax to use

You’ve got your mould or your container and you’re ready to make some candles but how much wax do you need?

It’s dead easy to work out.

  1. Fill the container or mould with water (if it’s a mould, cover the hold with your finger) to the proper level
  2. Tip the water into a measuring jug, round up to the nearest 10ml or so
  3. Deduct 20%
  4. That’s the number of grammes of wax to use
For example if your container takes 250ml of water, you would use 200g of wax (250-50).
This is because 1ml of water weighs exactly 1 gramme (for the nerds amongst you this is because a Kilogram is defined as the weight of 1 litre of water). So 250ml of water weighs 250g. However, wax is slightly less dense than water so you need to deduct 20% or so to get the right weight in wax.
2 comments on “How to calculate how much wax to use
  1. Maurice Dickinson says:

    HI Peta i sent away for more wax which i have received thank you ,i have a block and some granuals what are these for or are they all the same, to mix together.
    i am sorry but i do not use facebook at all as i got hacked once .or twitter..

  2. Peta Partner says:

    It’s best not to mix waxes Maurice. If the block and pellet waxes you’re referring to are supplied by us, the block is a container wax not suitable for use in moulds, and the pellet wax is for moulded candles and not suited to use in containers!

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