The MakingYourOwnCandles Customer Panel

Thanks very much for your interest in the MakingYourOwnCandles Customer Panel. You’re one of a small group of people we’ve asked to join the group and at the moment we’re looking for people who match one or more of the following:

  1. People who currently sell candles for profit
  2. People who have an ambition to sell candles for profit but don’t yet
  3. People who would like to help us develop new products and services

Do you currently sell candles for a profit or would you like to in future?

Kev and I have learned a lot about running a craft business since we set up MakingYourOwnCandles in 2009. I was a manager at WH Smith and Woolworths before leaving (just in time!) to start a family. Kev has run his own businesses since 1999 and writes about this every month for PCPro magazine as well as writing a very successful book on the subject which is currently being updated for its third edition.

We’re thinking about ways we can help people start up and run craft businesses from home so we’re interested in the experiences of people who do this already (however small scale). We’re also interested in hearing from people who would like to set up a craft business.

So we’re looking for a group of people we can use as a think-tank, to help us work out which ideas are worthwhile and to help us make sure that whatever we come up with does the job. As a “thank you” everyone who gets involved in the project will be given free access or a free copy of the final product. Please bear in mind, however, that this is a research project at the moment and it may lead nowhere. If that’s the case, we’ll send you a “thank you” for your help.

Would you like to help us develop new products?

We need a small group of people to bounce ideas off as we consider which new products to develop and how to improve our existing products. What this will amount to is the occasional email asking for your opinion on a subject. It’s possible we’ll also send pre-production samples to people who contribute the most so that they can let us know how they got on, how good the instructions are and how good the end results were.

If you get sent a pre-production sample you’ll, of course, be able to keep it and we’ll also make sure to look after all our active panel members with the occasional “thank-you” pressie.

So, if you fall into one or more of the three groups above please complete the registration form by clicking this link. Note that you can leave the group at any time by clicking the link in all the emails you receive, no hard feelings. Please also note that we’re only looking for a small group and we’ll be closing access once we have enough people.

Thanks very much,

Peta Partner

ps: If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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