Wick Size Guide

If you’re making candles in containers from home, rather than from one of our kits, you’ll need to work out what size and type of wick to use. Here’s the guide we use but it’s important to remember that these are just a guide – you need to test burn your first candle if you’re making more than one.

All you do is measure the candle across the top to get its diameter in millimetres and then check for the suggested wick for the wax you’re using. Bear in mind that the wick is the same whether you’re making a pillar candle or a container candle.

Diameter (mm) Paraffin Wax Soya Wax
Tea light Tea light wick do not use
25-50mm LX10 LX12 or ECO1
50-65mm LX12 LX14 or ECO4
65-75mm LX16 LX18 or ECO6
75-90mm LX20 LX22 or ECO10
90-100mm LX26 LX26 or ECO14

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25 comments on “Wick Size Guide
  1. Mary says:

    Please could you tell me what size wick you provide in your votive wicks and tabs packs? Thanks.

  2. Kev says:

    Hi Mary,
    they’re LX10.

  3. Gordon says:

    Have been making clocks with CD Disc & wall tiles. Found I have several used candle containers (Glass) so thought why not try making my own. Have sent off for a kit so cant wait to get it & get started.

  4. sharon says:

    Hi there, what size wick do you supply with the jar set and the teacup set please

  5. Peta Partner says:

    The Small jam jar kit comes with LX10 and the kits for making teacup candles come with an LX16 as standard. Although cup sizes can vary of course, so always worth checking out our Wick Size Guide to be sure! http://www.makingyourowncandlesblog.co.uk/wick-size-guide/

  6. Sue says:

    What size wicks do you supply in your bulk beeswax candle kit? I ask because the candles vary a lot in width if you use a whole sheet or a diagonally cut sheet. Also, do you do a kit without bee pins and ribbon?

  7. Peta Partner says:

    We supply LX10 in our beeswax kits Sue. I can customise a kit for you
    without bee pins and ribbon, just let me know how many sheets of beeswax
    you would like and I will happily give you a price!

  8. gemma says:

    Hi ,

    i am interested in making my own glass jar candles, varying in size. what type/size wick shall i use?

    very new to this and just trying to find the right was, wick, dye and scents to use 😀



  9. Peta Partner says:

    You’ll find our Wick Size Guide useful Gemma http://www.makingyourowncandlesblog.co.uk/wick-size-guide/ Although, to make things simple for beginners to candle making, all our kits come with everything you need to make candles, including illustrated instructions 🙂 You might want to try our jam Jar kit perhaps? http://www.makingyourowncandles.co.uk/jam-jar-container-candle-kit-5-pack/ – currently with a 20% price reduction for September!

  10. bob lawson says:

    everytime i try to make a candle in a glass container the wax hardens, but leaves a dip in the middle which causes the wick to only burn for a short time. How can I avoid this?

  11. Peta Partner says:

    Dipping occurs when the wax cools and contracts, and focuses around the wick. Depending on the type and size of candle you’re making, at least one top up pour is required to ‘level’ the candle surface.

  12. sandra morris says:

    I have yet to actually make a candle but I would like to make a few out of some old bone china teacups….they are not valuable….

    The problem I foresee with one is that it has a very wide top, about 115mm, tapering down to around 30mm at the foot. Could I still use it with just one wick ? It is a very pretty cup and I would like to use it but I don’t really want to have to use 2 wicks.

    I appreciate any advice you can give me

    Thank you


  13. Peta Partner says:

    You could try it with one LX30 wick but you would not be guaranteed that
    the candle would burn right to the sides of your teacup. Worth a try
    though? I have got some LX30 in my drawer so if you want to order, just
    make a customer note requesting LX30 wick in place of whatever the kit
    comes with, and I will swap it out for you.
    Kind regards

  14. Charles Ross says:

    Hi I have used LX30 wink in a large yankee candle but I get alot of soot after about an hour of burning should I be using a thinner candle wick if so what one?

  15. Peta Partner says:

    Your wick might be too big Charles, please refer to our Wick Size Guide to check;

  16. Matilda says:

    Would it be possible to add a beeswax pellet and beeswax sheet column to the very useful table above (I assume they would require different wicks but they might not)? I want to have a go at using both.

    Also the book is very good and hopefully will be very useful in the coming year as I hope to start building a Jewellery business.


  17. Kev says:

    Hi Matilda,
    we didn’t include beeswax because it’s very expensive to use on its own. As a guide, I suggest using the Soy column and going up one wick size for beeswax, which is even harder.

  18. nigel says:

    Hi when making a dinner candle I’m finding it burns down very quickly can you help …nigel

  19. Peta Partner says:

    What type of wax are you using? And which size wick? We recommend LX10. For a harder, longer burning candle you could try paraffin wax with a little beeswax added. Also, especially with eco soya wax, ensure your wax is poured at the correct temperature and slowly so that it fills the mould without any air pockets forming.

  20. Lindsey says:

    what size wick does the make 20 container candle kit come supplied with? Would be useful to know thanks.

  21. Peta Partner says:

    The default is LX16 for paraffin wax and ECO6 for eco soya wax Lindsey

  22. World of Wax says:

    Wicks are an important part of any candle, especially soy candles because the length of wick plays a factor in scent throw. Thanks for the useful post because I am certain that a lot of people can benefit from this information.

  23. Catherine says:

    Just received my latest order. Thank you.
    DELIGHTED as usual. Questions and comments listed helpful and informative.

  24. Alison says:

    Hi, why is soya wax not recommended for tea lights please? Also when priming Eco wick to use in soya wax candles do I prime it with soya wax or paraffin wax? Many thanks

  25. Kev says:

    Hi Alison, the issue is that normal tealight wicks don’t work well with soy wax pillar blend as it’s very hard. Tealight wicks are also coated with paraffin wax which most soy users want to avoid

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